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The Great Wye Oak Project – Nature Reborn!

Give a unique piece of American History as a gift this year.

Maryland’s Wye Oak, the largest White Oak in the nation and possibly the world, fell on June 6, 2002.  At approximately 460 years old, the Wye Oak saw the civil war, the revolution, the first white settlers in North America, and countless unrecorded historical events.

Now American History is reborn in Nature’s Creations’ partnership with the State of Maryland.

The natural leaves of the Wye Oak were carefully collected soon after the “Gentle Giant” fell.  Each leaf was dried to preserve its natural veining and shape, and stored in a carefully controlled environment.  Now, the State of Maryland has joined with Nature’s Creations to turn a limited number of Wye Oak leaves into unique, wearable art that will protect and commemorate the tree forever.

Each leaf is covered in copper, finished with a greenish-blue or brown Patina to enhance the surface texture, and fashioned into a unique pin for a lapel or coat.  A limited number of pins will be created and now is your chance to own or give a unique piece of American History.

New Wye Oak Leaf Tiles now available!


Natural Wye Oak leaves captured in copper and mounted to a slate or light brown tile base.  These unique sculptures are 4"x4" and may be used as actual tiles, table art or wall art.  The cost is $64 and each one is unique.


The adoption of any leaf will help support the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and protect the future of the State of Maryland.  Nature's Creations is taking orders at our special Wye Oak online store

 All orders are subject to availability.  Thank you for your interest in the Wye oak.


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